How to use ratchet tie down and what we should pay attention to when we use it?

Ratchet tie down also called cargo lashing, ratchet strap, ratchet lashing, tie down strap, is used for fixing goods during transportation, movement, shipment or storage. It have the function of locking properties and not fall off. It’s safe, ligth, easy to operate and protect objects from damage. It can be applied to various environments according to different hook type. Each strap stitched with black line show the breaking strength, when we are using it, we can easily knows it’s loading capacity. 

With the widely application of ratchet tie down, most car owers have at least one set of ratchet tie down in their car. Ther are many different materials of tie down straps, but the polyester ratchet tie down is a most popular one. So when we use it, what should we pay attention to? 

There are many types of ratchet straps, but as a basic cargo transport device, the safety is the most important, so we must effectively control the rists and protect them. 

  • Use only the unbroken tie down straps, and the label clearly indicates the ability.
  • Can not be overloaded.
  • Do not tie knot the webbing.
  • When using, try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners from abrasion or cutting.
  • Avoid twisting and twisting the tensioner.
  • Do not place objects on the tie down strap to avoid injury.
  • Do not use the ratchet tie down as a load lifting equipment.

How to use ratchet tie down?

Step 1. To thread ratchet buckle, from bottom thread the webbing though slot  in center rotating spool of closed ratchet.

Step 2. Pull webbing though, leaving some slack.

Step 3, Start ratcheting- raising and lowering handle

Step4 . Stoped it when the strap is tighten, close the ratchet.

How to release ratchet tie down?

Step1: Pull and hold the release tab to release the lock.

Step2. Open ratchet until it is completely open and flat 

Step3. Grab webbing from non-fixed side and pull to release webbing.

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