Why choose Nanjing Lijing Sling as a supplier?

Why choose Nanjing Lijing Sling as a supplier? 

  • Serious working attitude:

As a manufacturer of making lifting sling and lashing products, every product contains our workers’ hard working.

To make a good product, from purchiansg the raw material to final products selling, not only need our advanced techniques but also each production process is seriously treated by our workers. Nanjing Lijing Sling continously accumulate and summary the working ways and process, avoid the problem which happened before and make sure products are the right ones with customer requriments. For example, the slings labels, each product have it’s unique label with correct load, length and serial number. On the production process, we must carefully check each type product and gurantee the slings with right labels.

  • Good quality and competitive price:

We always choose A-A grade 100% polyester yarn to make best products, and all the products are stictly inspected before delivey. In each production, we randomly choose the products to make testing, if there is any unqualified, we will stop and find the real problem and solve it timely. Before exporting, products are re-testing again to make sure each batch products are qualified. For the price, we are always trying to give a resonabel and stable one to full support. With frequently price changing, custmers are also passive to their clients.

  • Fast delivery:Normally our delivery time is 35dyas for 1*20container , and for urgent order, we can finish in 25days for 1*20container.
  • No small customers: Every customer is important to us and respected. Small order is the same seriously treated as a big order with totally supppot.
  • OEM is welcomed: Our products  have been certified by ISO9001 International Quality Management System, also certificed by TUV, GS, CE. It’s no problem to make your company name or design on the products.
  • Think what customer think, worry what custmer’s worried

Before placing order, our sales person conmunicates with clients about each detail to avoid wrong making; On the making, we follow each order closely; Before shipping, we take photos to clients. After sales, we take each point of the client feedback and suggestion to improve in future production.

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