Small polyester round slings can easily lift 6000tons of reinforced concrete ‘Big Mac’

The world-famous super-engineering Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is opening to traffic. The construction of the bridge has created the world’s longest:the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge; the world’s largest engineering and most technically challenging artificial island; the world’s longest and deepest sinking pipe tunnel. The final joint of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Cross-Harbour Tunnel is to lift a 6000tons reinforced concrete “Big Mac” joint, then install to the same leght of space at depth of 28 meters in the sea, stuck in [...]

Tie down strap

How to use ratchet tie down and what we should pay attention to when we use it?

Ratchet tie down also called cargo lashing, ratchet strap, ratchet lashing, tie down strap, is used for fixing goods during transportation, movement, shipment or storage. It have the function of locking properties and not fall off. It’s safe, ligth, easy to operate and protect objects from damage. It can be applied to various environments according to different hook type. Each strap stitched with black line show the breaking strength, when we are using it, we can easily knows it’s [...]

recovery strap

Choose a right tow strap/recovery strap

When we drive a car suddenly had some malfunctions or trapped into sand, mud, snow, get stuck and need hauling, what can we do? A tow strap/recovery strap can help, which is light and easy to keep on the vehicle. Usually a tow strap is made of  high quality polyester yarn and metal hooks on each end , and it is intended for the towing of a freely-moving vehicle behind another vehicle. Specially designed hooks or links can be easily [...]

Why choose Nanjing Lijing Sling as a supplier?

Why choose Nanjing Lijing Sling as a supplier?  Serious working attitude: As a manufacturer of making lifting sling and lashing products, every product contains our workers’ hard working. To make a good product, from purchiansg the raw material to final products selling, not only need our advanced techniques but also each production process is seriously treated by our workers. Nanjing Lijing Sling continously accumulate and summary the working ways and process, avoid the problem which happened before and make sure products are [...]