Choose a right tow strap/recovery strap

When we drive a car suddenly had some malfunctions or trapped into sand, mud, snow, get stuck and need hauling, what can we do? A tow strap/recovery strap can help, which is light and easy to keep on the vehicle.

Usually a tow strap is made of  high quality polyester yarn and metal hooks on each end , and it is intended for the towing of a freely-moving vehicle behind another vehicle. Specially designed hooks or links can be easily attached to the vehicle, tow strap is lighter than wire ropes and chains, no rust, no rot, no mold, especially suitable for storage in car suitcases or tool cases.

Recovery straps are made of nylon fabrication or plyester yarn. These straps, also called “snatch straps” since they can snatch a vehicle out of a sticky situation, have loops on each end.

Choosing a right strap corresponding with your vehicle weigh is very important. Nanjing Lijing Sling can make custom length since we manufacture them in-house. We can also make the strap from 1- to 4-ply designs, so you can get the width you want with the strength you need. More plies allow for a narrower strap with greater break strength than single ply.

According to different materials and manufacturing methods, the strap maximum tensile force will be different, there are different load-bearing from 1ton to 8 tons, so the choice must be based on your car weight, generally home car  weight is less than 2 tons, so it is enough to choose a tow strap/recovery strap with a maximum tension force of 5 tons.

Choose according to the structure of the vehicle trailer ring. The size of the tow strap hook and fastening ways are also different, so we have to chooose the tow strap according to the type of trailer ring on the car. If stuckedand the tow strap hook was large and the trailer ring on the car was small and could not be rescued. That will be a helpness.

No matter which type of strap you’re using, we must be carefull of using, because straps can snap, or break, and launch through the air at a high rate of speed, the tensile force may break the car or even cause casualties. We must keep away any bystanders at some distances of the strap.

Note: Put a soft thing on the tow strap/recovery strap

Trailers in the city, the vehicle and the tow stap are not very stressed, so the strap will not break. In the case of extreme rescue, put a small flag or a soft item in the center of the tow strap/recovery strap can effectively avoid the broken strap and hooks flying back to hurt around.


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