Endless Ratchet Strap 25mm 800kg

Endless Ratchet strap(also called ratchet tie down, lashing straps or tie down straps) composed with ratchet and webbing strap, without hooks. These straps are ideal for securing loads to roof racks or gathering items together and securing them where fixing points are not required. It has performance as fatening, safety, lightness, covenience and easy to operate and protection bodies from damage. Its’ widely used in tansportation, material handling and the industrial field.

Lijing offers ratchet straps with alternative lengths, ratchets, webbing width, colors, etc. Also the webbing can be printed with your company name or other design. Customed load restraint systems here to secure loads on roads.

Standard: European Standard EN12195-2

               Australian Standards AS/NZS 4380:2001

               WSTDA standards


  • Description

This endless ratchet tie down strap is available in 25mm 800kg. The ratchets have yellow galvanized ratchet, black ratchet and plastic handle ratchet there types.

1) Material: polyester

2) Manufactured to European norm (EN 12195-2) 

3) Width: 25mm

4) Safety factor: 2:1

5) Working length: As required

6) Colour: As required.

7) Lashing capacity: 800kg

8)  Max elongation for lashing straps is 7% at LC

9) With a Certificate of Conformity.

P.S. Corner protectors are available to protect the webbing (please see lashing edge protector).

 25mm ratchet lashing
The application of tie down straps are very broad like fastening goods with trucks, trailers, pallets, pipes, boats, boxes, woods, constructions, containers, etc.
application of ratchet tie down